Extruded Aluminum Finishing and Aluminum Extrusion Profiles FAQs

Q: What aluminum extrusion finishes do you offer? / What aluminum finishing methods are available?

A: We offer power coat and anodized finishes that provide optimum corrosion resistance in a wide variety of colors. Whether you’re looking for functional or aesthetic requirements, we can help determine the right powder for your application.

Q: What’s the difference between anodized aluminum and mill finished aluminum?

A: Mill finished aluminum refers to extrusion products that have not undergone any surface treatment. Anodized aluminum is a mill finished aluminum that goes through the anodization, which is an electrochemical process that increases corrosion resistance, durability and decoration.

Q: What aluminum machining options are available?

A: We have ten CNC machines, which have the capability of vertical and horizontal machining. Our ten CNC machines also have 4th-axis capabilities, which allows us to mill aluminum extrusions on multiple axes without having to change tooling, which increases productivity.

Q: What inspection methods and standards do you follow to ensure the quality of your aluminum extrusion designs?

A: We ensure the fabricated parts meet required specifications through meticulous inspection that includes creating custom gauging to ensure the fit and function of each part when necessary. We offer a wide range of aluminum extrusion services while preserving ISO 9001:2015 certifications across all of our manufacturing facilities.

Q: Can you help me design a new aluminum profile?

A: Whether you come to us with a full fabrication print or just part of an idea, we can work with you to achieve your ideal design requirements. With the help of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), we can help you execute your fabrication needs.

Q: Is there a size limit on the aluminum extrusion profiles that you can produce?

A: Our aluminum extrusion services allow a weight-per-foot range of 0.033 to 8 pounds and a circle size up to 8 inches.

Post time: Jun-04-2021