About Us

METALS PRODUCTS COMPANY supply a wide variety of aluminum extrusion & cold drawn steel profiles including quality custom and standard shapes aluminum extrusion  & cold drawn steel sections. Our aluminum & steel profiles have been widely used in the fields of automobile, solar energy, architecture, automotive, transportation, aviation & aerospace, electronics, machinery & equipment, rail, manufacturing etc.

Our selection of material and design can meet the needs of various industries and save our customers money by reducing machining steps while improving yields and productivity. We also provide a range of profile processing services for a comprehensive experience.

If you are beset by tight deadlines, let us take the stress out of your procurement. Our one stop service allows you to order processed profiles from our plant in a single call, allowing a more tailored, focused and personalized service than ever before. 

We are committed to manufacturing excellence and the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction. We are large enough to meet your needs yet small enough to provide the personal, responsive attention you expect and deserve. 

Our Product

Aluminum extrusion profiles produced by us for doors, windows and curtain walls, solar panels, and motor enclosures, heat-sinks, linear rails etc. are widely used in architecture, transportation, machinery, chemical, electronics, marine, aerospace and other fields.

Advantages of extruded aluminum 323

We also produce steel profiles, especially cold drawn steel profiles special shapes, including the shapes of custom design, smooth round, square, rectangle, hexagon, seamless tube, hexagonal tube. The sections are manufactured  in a large variety of steel grades including carbon steels, low and high alloy steels, stainless steel, etc. Products are widely used in automobiles, elevators, diesel engines, textile machines, light industrial machinery, hardware tools, general machinery and other industries.

The Cold Drawing Process for Steel Profile-1434


We have strong capability for various aluminum extrusion profiles and cold drawn steel profiles production as well as special/custom aluminum extrusions and cold drawn steel profiles production with a variety of grades and fabrication, heat treatment, surface treatment etc. to satisfy your requirements


The complete technological process can help us to provide you with competitive price, superior quality and quick delivery. We are your reliable partner in the profile field and help you compete on a global scale.